Melodic Techno Generator

Event Announcement: Melodic Techno Generator

Date: Saturday, 21st October 2023
Time: 10:00 PM - 8:00 AM
Venue: Generator, Amsterdam
Two Floors of Nonstop Melodic Techno Magic!

Prepare yourself for a night of otherworldly beats and electrifying melodies as we dive into the mesmerizing world of Melodic Techno. Join us at the Auditorium and Ooster Room for an unforgettable journey through sound and rhythm, featuring a stellar international lineup with artists from New York, France, Turkey, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Dubai, etc on not one, but TWO floors!

Auditorium Lineup
* 10:00 PM: Hades B2B Saify (Melodic Room)
* 11:00 PM: Stone Van Brooken (Protech)
* 12:00 AM: Laherte (Frequenza)
* 1:00 AM: Black Box B2B Velvet Mode (Lelantus)
* 2:00 AM: Nihil Young (Frequenza)
* 3:00 AM: Hugo Cantarra (Frequenza)
* 4:00 AM: Triart (Not So Unknown)
* 5:00 AM: Unseen. B2B Martin Mind (Lelantus)

Ooster Lineup
* 11:00 PM: REA B2B Bussi (Overdaze)
* 12:00 AM: Dip Treep (Protech)
* 1:00 AM: Joshlane B2B Stoac (Not So Unknown)
* 2:00 AM: Vhaera (Protech)
* 3:00 AM: SØL B2B Jares (Melodic Room)
* 4:00 AM: Turako B2B Kai Bellen (Melodic Room)
* 5:00 AM: Omar Khalifa B2B LINBER LYNX (Melodic Room)
* 6:00 AM: Alessio Pennati (Lelantus)
* 7:00 AM: Mesh B2B Terry Golden (Lelantus)

Get ready to lose yourself in the immersive sounds of Melodic Techno, experience mind-bending visuals, and dance the night away in the heart of Amsterdam. This event promises to be a sonic journey like no other, where world-class DJs will take you on an unforgettable ride through the realms of electronic music.

Secure your tickets now and be part of this legendary night at Amsterdam Dance Event! Don't miss out on the magic.


Let's create unforgettable memories together on the dancefloor! See you there! #ADEMelodicTechno #AmsterdamDanceEvent #MelodicTechno

Generator Amsterdam


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