Lander & Adriaan

Lander & Adriaan

Alongside many DJ sets, this year’s there are also special live acts, such as Lander & Adriaan. Their common fondness for slick digital synths and nineties underground dance music brought Lander & Adriaan together during the very first lockdown. After a bunch of successful under-the-radar concerts, they steamrolled through the Flemish underground and even appeared at prestigious events such as Dries Van Noten Men’s Autumn Winter 2023-24 Fashion Show. With live synthesizers and drums, they create in a 360 degree setup bizarre mashups of rave, techno, juke, jazz fusion, bass music and more, bringing you to a pleasantly disturbed realm of pure excitement.

Lander Gyselinck made a lasting impression with his inimitable beats and breaks on drums, drum machines and samplers, especially in his own band STUFF. Equally impressive are the layered and sometimes fragmented sonic sculptures of Adriaan van der Velde aka Pomrad, on multiple synthesizers and keyboards played simultaneously. Lander & Adriaan’s eponymous debut album has been compared by critics to the productions of Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, and the Hessle Audio label.

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