Impact Program around ATMEN

Impact Program around ATMEN

Nicole Beutler Projects, together with ITA, presents around ATMEN, an impact program with lectures, conversations and meetings in which we delve deeper into our relationship with the planet. Together we explore the possibility of looking at the distant future from a more-than-human perspective. Suppose you plant a tree on the square in front of the theater, and suppose it can live there for 400 years without human interference. How does that tree see its environment changing? What kind of world are we planting it in?

On October 18 we will start the evening with a short lecture by the national thinker Marjan Slob and on October 19 by philosopher Lisa Doeland. Afterwards, the films: Songs from the compost and The Underground Astronaut can be viewed alternately. In the middle of the evening there will be a special panel discussion in the square foyer. Participants in this conversation will adopt a plant and imagine its future under the guidance of a 'spreker van de levenden'. Where does this organism like to live, how will it develop in the coming years, and what adventures and 'dramas' will they and their descendants witness in the wilderness of time?

After the conversation it is time for action. Everyone is invited to take their plant and give it a place at home, or as a 'guerillia gardener' in the neighborhood, and thus take care of the future in a small way. Guests include artist collective The Sunflower Soup, de Onkruideniers, Neal Powless (ombudsman for the living), Stijn Nollen (urban ecologist), Lisa Doeland and Marjan Slob.

You can also enjoy an introductory podcast and a clothing swap market this evening!


18:00 – 18:30 Lecture: Marjan Slob 18 Oct. [De Salon] - Lecture: Lisa Doeland 19 Oct.
18:30 – 23:30 Film: Songs from the Compost: Mutating Bodies, Imploding Stars by Eglé Budvytytè - Film: The Underground Astronaut by Marleine van der Werf. [De Salon]
19:00 – 20:30 Performance ATMEN / evolution in silently unfolding van Nicole Beutler Projects. [Grote Zaal]
21:00 – 21:45 Panel talk with Bonnie Chopard, Speaker for the living in zoöp-to-be Kunstfort. [Plein foyer]
22:00 – 23:30 Performance ATMEN / evolution in silently unfolding van Nicole Beutler Projects. [Grote Zaal]

The impact program was developed together with Extinction Rebellion frontman and climate philosopher Chris Julien.

This event is free to attend, except for the lectures. For the lectures you need a ticket for ATMEN.

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

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