DARK DISCO Residents Showcase

Welcome to our Wednesdays weekly Techno Rave's ADE Resident Showcase. Every week we gather to celebrate Techno & Hard Techno Music. For this ADE we put our hotest Residents all together for fun Techno Fiesta!

So we will dance with one of the most influencial Female DJ & Producers, released on Filth on Acid, Intec, Codec, NAKADIA!

One of the fastet rising Australia's DJ & Mastermind behind Evolve events WILD FOX,

Live Hard Techno act from Italy, released on Planet Rhytm, VAN SORGEN,

Fast rising Chilean Hard Techno producer who will play Hybrid Live set, ROBIN HASTINGS,

ARNOVA, one of India's hotest Djanes, allready signed to India's hottest agency Rage Entertainment and tearing dancefloors all across,

SAMWISE, super talented producer whos main focus is trippy Minimal Techno and his Volume events in Iceland,

LIZZ V, fast rising dutch DJane who is studying at concervatorium and is allready playing all biggest parties like Techno Tuesday,

RICKY DOËL, Dutch Techno organiser and producer whos musical explorations brought him to Lisbon where he is organising and playing at the moment,

MENJA MIST, Swedish Techno DJ & Producer and host from famous Binary Fusion Radio show on Di FM,

GIBBO, UK Bass and Techno legend and resident of Cheeky Monday,

NAD, fast rising Netherlands based DJ and Organiser from Techno Doze,

SHYLODELIC, Ukrainian Psytech & Psytrance DJ & Producer, resident from Mysterika family.

Running Order:

22 Nad b2b Shylodelic
23 Menja Mist b2b Gibbo
00 Ricky Doël b2b Lizz V
01 Samwise
02 Nakadia
03 Arnova
04 Wild Fox
05 Van Sorgen
06 Robin Hastings.

Club John Doe

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