Workshop: How Local Governments Can Foster Sustainable Innovation On Festival Grounds


Workshop: How Local Governments Can Foster Sustainable Innovation On Festival Grounds

ADE Green - Dennis Sieperda (Project Manager, Inno-Quarter), Hiltje Pritchard (Lecturer Master's Design Driven Innovation)

A practical workshop on designing, implementing and evaluating experiments at festival grounds in collaboration with local and regional governments.

9 out of 10 innovations fail. Often because a prototype is not sufficiently tested before it is put on the market. To speed up innovation processes and better understand the potential and limitations of sustainable ideas, assumptions need to be validated more frequently and earlier. Being temporary mini-societies, festivals are great places to experiment with sustainable innovations. They can offer real-life contexts similar to the real world in a safe, fun and laid-back atmosphere. But how can local governments and start-ups use festivals as testing grounds?

Part 1: Start your collaboration, hosted by Dennis Sieperda (projectmanager Inno-Quarter)

Do you want to understand why and learn how you can build a collaboration between local or regional governments, start-ups and festivals? In this part of the program, we share best practices between these three key stakeholders and answer the following questions:

- Why do local governments need sustainable innovation?

- What do start-ups need to test?

- What do festivals need to facilitate innovation?

Part 2: How to design your action plan, hosted by Hiltsje Pritchard (Lecturer Master Design Driven Innovation)

Once all key stakeholders are on board, you co-design your plan and goals together. In this second part, we guide you through designing, implementing and evaluating experiments at festivals based on our research at Inno-Quarter.

Grab this opportunity to ignite your own collaboration!
Are you a festival organiser or a local government aiming for more successful and sustainable innovation? Invite your (future) key stakeholders to follow this workshop together: a first step to ignite your collaboration on facilitating sustainable innovations at festival grounds.

This workshop is presented by Inno-Quarter

In 2017, over 20 European partners joined forces to facilitate start-ups with European festivals as places for experimentation in the Interreg North Sea Region project Inno-Quarter. All partners believe festivals are great playgrounds for sustainable experimentation. All their research is shared in the Festival Experimentation Guide, helping you to build experiments with all the stakeholders you need. All participants will get the Festival Experimentation Guide as a present. Find more information about this project, which is co-financed by the European Union, over here.

Who is this workshop for, and how can I sign up?

This workshop is designed for festival organisers, policymakers, local or regional government representatives, and sustainable start-ups. We have limited seats available, so please sign-up here to participate.

Hiltsje Pritchard (host) – Lecturer Master Design Driven Innovation
Dennis Sieperda (co-host) – Project manager of the Interreg NSR project Inno-Quarter and European project developer at the Province of Fryslan.

Aranka Dijkstra – Accelerating sustainable transition through interdisciplinary collaborations and Living Labs, co-author of the book: Festival Experimentation Guide.
Marije Boonstra – Researcher & teacher Design Driven Innovation, NHL Stenden Hogeschool, co-author of the book: Festival Experimentation Guide.
Sybrith Tiekstra – Researcher on festival-driven innovation.

This program is part of ADE Green. For the full ADE Green program, please check here.

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