The Ups & Downs of starting a Label with Team KNTXT

Alexander Vandriessche (COO & Co-Founder, KNTXT), Junior Lambrechts (General Manager, KNTXT)

Moderator: Dieuwertje Heuvelings

Meet the team behind Charlotte de Witte's label KNTXT!

KNTXT is a boutique label founded and curated by Charlotte de Witte. KNTXT releases records, hosts events worldwide, curates radio playlists and develops apparel. The label operates under the belief that it likes to tick boxes but never be boxed in.

Its objective is a clear one: to serve a quality experience driven by compelling acts, while staying true to a genuine underground spirit.

By doing so KNTXT has already profiled itself as a force to be reckoned within the electronic music landscape.


Kickstart your electronic music career at ADE Lab!

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Kickstart your electronic music career at ADE Lab!

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