Kaligo Records Showcase

Kaligo Records & Melgazzo present a special showcase on ADE 2022, for the first time.

Kaligo Records is currently the biggest Techno label of Brazil, and the brand name comes from obscure, in Latin. Following the principle that the two opposing energies, darkness and light, are complementary, where duality is present in life, the positive cannot live without the negative, and vice versa. These inverse forces are fundamental for us to find balance, and firm the two sides that manifest within us! We all have our “B side”, we all have our obscurity, we all have our other selves. Kaligo Showcase is the place where we can express ourselves and be free, letting our two sides meet.

Everyone Has Your Kaligo Side!

The Kaligo company consists on Kaligo Records (biggest Techno Label of Brazil), Kaligo Events, Kaligo Festival & Kaligo Store.

Artist in line-up (A-Z)

New The Beat
Raphael Piperno

Start 22:00 / End 04:00 - FREE ENTRY
23rd of October 2022

50:HERTZ Techno Cafe, Rembrandt Square
Bar Lunar, Halvemaansteeg 14, Amsterdam, Netherlands

50:HERTZ Techno Cafe Rembrandt Square (Bar Lunar)

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