South American Overview & Networking Session

Maz, Frederico Roche, Hernan Cayetano, Ivan Aballay, Arturo Ruiz, Nazen Carneiro, Mauricio Soares, Claudio da Rocha Miranda, Lainie Copicotto, Frankie Franco, Roland Leesker, Mariana Bo, Victor Flosi, Eliana Iwasa

South America is as big a source of brilliant, inspiring and original music as the US or Europe, but it remains somewhat cut off and much less connected than it could or should be. With the news that Latin Music is set to generate $1 billion this year in the US, ADE is offering delegates the chance to meet and mingle with some of the most dynamic and relevant people currently operating across South America. Come along and make yourself known to professionals and acts from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay, in this relaxed but focused networking session.

Felix Meritis

Conference FAQ

The ADE Pro Pass  provides access to our complete conference program. As well as:

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We are excited to have the conference back in person this year. The ADE conference locations are Felix Meritis, Huis Vasari (Vrije Academie), and Fosbury & Sons.

Our conferences are accessible for all ages in general. Do note that when alcoholic beverages are served, access can be denied.

We do not sell ADE Conference only or Day Passes. The only way to get access to the ADE Conference is the ADE Pro Pass.

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