Merging Digital Art & Electronic Sounds | Live Showcase

Bjarki, Thomas Harrington Rawle, GAPPIEOUWE, Sam Madhu, LYZZA, Bogomir Doringer (Curator & Head of Education and Research, Nxt Museum), Alan Ixba

Closing the first day of ADE Lab, Nxt Museum its Curator and Head of Education Bogomir Doringer is presenting a sneak peek into the Artist in Residence (AiR) program live at the ADE Lab grounds! Accompanied by a talk and showcases, we’re ending the ADE Lab Wednesday with a look back at last year's Nxt AiR and with a taster of what is to be experienced at night.

Starting the last part of this 3-part program with a deep dive into the UFO-Unidentified Fluid Other exhibition that is presented at Nxt Museum at the moment. How do the visual arts and music come together in the exhibition space of the Nxt Museum? A space that is a crossover of a museum, theatre, cinema and club.

Secondly, together with Transmoderna, the main hall of the Tobacco Theater will be transformed into an experience ground where the senses will be touched by an audio-visual spectacle where together with the AiR DJs and digital artists, you’ll enjoy the audiovisual masterpieces and AI-creating and interpreting visuals.

With showcases by:
Bjarke & Thomas Harrington Rawle
GAPPIEOUWE & Transmoderna ‘AI-ecosystem’
Sam Madhu & LYZZA

This showcase is Part 3 of a 3-part program in collaboration with Nxt Museum at ADE Lab.


Kickstart your electronic music career at ADE Lab!

Info / tickets

Kickstart your electronic music career at ADE Lab!

Info / tickets

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