Short Cuts: Progressing Gender Representation In Dance Music


Short Cuts: Progressing Gender Representation In Dance Music

Jaguar (The Jaguar Foundation)

This year, Jaguar teamed up with the Sony Music Social Justice Fund UK to launch The Jaguar Foundation - an organisation on a mission is to make electronic music a more equal place for the next generation of creatives and emerging artists.

The first project from The Jaguar Foundation was a groundbreaking report looking at the gender disparity in UK dance music. It found evidence supporting long-held beliefs about gender imbalance in across the live industry, radio airplay, streaming platforms and in the gender balance of music organisation employees – as well as exploring a number of other discriminatory issues that female and non-binary people face.

In this short cut discussion, Jaguar will share the findings of the report and offer recommendations for change based on the research that everyone can get on board with.

Felix Meritis

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