Riotville Records ADE Drinks

Riotville Records ADE Drinks

Copenhagen based record label Riotville Records hosting a chill out event celebrating their ADE Compilation release with free drinks and DJ sets from Snavs and friends. The Riotville ADE compilation release is a collection of 7 songs from all Danish talent including Snavs, Foramic, THYKIER, Willone and VOSAI.

It all started with a Riotville writers camp on the west coast of Denmark, where Snavs and the 4 handpicked producers Willone, Foramic, Vosai and Thykier got together, and laid the foundation for what would become this epic 7-track masterpiece.

The compilation will be released in two parts with the 1st part out on the 30th September and the 2nd part on the 14th October 2022, right before ADE 22.

The compilation itself is a testimony to the sheer talent these guys have, which is why a lot of different genres and styles are being put in play. The guys have collaborated back and forth and thereby created a compilation with great diversification, which highlights the individual artists skills, strengths and styles, both individually and combined.

Festival FAQ

The first release of the festival program will be at the end of April. Stay tuned.

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