On The Intersect Of Fashion And Technology


On The Intersect Of Fashion And Technology

Daniela Weitmann-Carijo (Industry Head of Fashion and Entertainment, Meta)

Society’s hunger for immersive experiences is accelerating the development of the metaverse. We’ve seen jaw dropping initiatives exploring the endless possibilities in gaming and virtual performances. But the one industry which runs like a thread through all of the above is fashion. Because more than ever, fashion will be an opportunity to express yourself in both the physical and the digital world. As a key industry head at Meta, Daniela Weitmann-Carijo oversees some of the company's key partnerships with global fashion giants and is constantly looking for innovative opportunities to create valuable brand equity. During this keynote, Daniela will paint a picture of the current and potential use cases of the metaverse, and what to expect in the (near) future.

Felix Meritis

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