Nxt Artist in Residence: the Input and Impact

Ana Ofak (TRANSMODERNA, DE) / Dixon (DE) / Natasha Greenhalgh (Nxt Museum, UK)

Nxt Artist in Residence: the input and impact Dixon, Natasha Greenhalgh (Co-founder & Creative Director, NxtMuseum), Ana Ofak (Co-Founder, TRANSMODERNA)

This ADE, the Nxt Artist in Residence program is back! A successful collaboration between ADE Arts & Culture and the Nxt Museum, with a newly added partner for this year, Transmoderna, the programme explores the possibilities within the audio-visual realm. Join Nxt Museum’s Co-founder and Creative Director Natasha Greenhalgh and Transmoderna’s Creative Director Ana Ofak and DJ Dixon on an exploration of this year's international collaborations, artists and creations. Look into the way these innovative and experimentally driven collaborations are created and how they impact the future of electronic music and art engagement and experiences!

This talk is Part 1 of a 3-part program in collaboration with Nxt Museum at ADE Lab.


Kickstart your electronic music career at ADE Lab!

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Kickstart your electronic music career at ADE Lab!

Info / tickets

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