How to redesign festivals to be accessible for all presented by HandicapNL


How to redesign festivals to be accessible for all presented by HandicapNL

ADE Green - Kelamo Masali, Robbe van Bogaert and Laura Jones

Let’s not ignore the fact that most events aren’t designed to be accessible for everyone, even though there are a whopping one billion people worldwide who experience some form of disability – whether that’s from birth, or acquired later in life. That’s roughly 15% of the world population without proper access to most events and festivals, simply because they aren’t set up with accessibility in mind. It’s about time to make their lives more eventful. It begs the question: How can event professionals step up their game towards more accessible events? It all starts with approaching disability in a different way…

One way of defining disability is through the social model, which says that disability is caused by the way society is organized, rather than by a person’s impairment or difference. It seeks to remove barriers that restrict life choices and opportunities for people with disabilities. By removing these barriers at festivals, more people are given the chance to share new ideas, music and food with like-minded people – and they get important opportunities to express themselves creatively, meet new people, recharge, and go home feeling inspired. Two years without festivals taught us that these experiences are an important aspect of the lives of many. So why can’t we make them accessible for every human being?

Find out in our conversation with DJ Laura Jones (Soundcloud), Robbe van Bogaert from Human Power and festival organizer Kelamo Masali from STRAF_WERK. We will dive deep into how we can change these barriers in a way that more people can experience a festival together. To create a collective change within the Dutch festival industry, HandicapNL Foundation and Green Events launch a new collaboration on accessibility with pioneering Dutch music festivals. They share their ambition towards physical, cognitive and sensory accessibility to Lucille Werner, a Member of the Dutch Parliament.

Read our full blog about this subject here.

This program is part of ADE Green. For the full ADE Green program, please check here. If you have any questions or requests regarding accessibility at ADE Green 2022, please find more information in ADE Green’s Accessibility Guide.

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