Antler Startup Competition Final


Antler Startup Competition Final

Jury: John Acquaviva, Ellie McNeil, Saskia van den Ende and John Bonten.

On ADE Thursday the first edition of the Antler startup-competition will come to a close during a grand finale on the ADE Pro stage at Felix Meritis. Selected from more than 100 applications of companies operating in the field of music & entertainment, the five most innovative finalists will be competing for an investment of at least EUR 100.000 by global early-stage venture capital investor Antler. After presenting and demoing their businesses, the jury consisting of investing experts will decide who gets to take home the main prize.

ADE believes that by empowering those innovators and visionaries, and helping them to learn from and connect with the best in the industry; it creates a foundation for the development of world-changing ideas of the future.

Conference FAQ

The ADE Pro Pass  provides access to our complete conference program. As well as:

+ Year round access to ADE Pro's networking platform & database
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We are excited to have the conference back in person this year. The locations will be at Felix Meritis, Huis Vasari (Vrije Academie), and Fosbury & Sons.

We are still adding conference events to our line-up as we speak. The final drop will be a couple weeks prior to this year's ADE.

As we are still releasing the full program, the times will be confirmed a couple of weeks prior to this year's ADE.

Our conferences are accessible for all ages in general. Do note that when alcoholic beverages are served, access can be denied.

We do not sell ADE Conference only or Day Passes. The only way to get access to the ADE Conferece is the ADE Pro Pass.

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