ADE 2022 x Street Art Expo x NDSM Music

ADE 2022 x Street Art Expo x NDSM Music

NDSM Music & NDSM Art Gallery are gathering with ADE 2022 at Chez Miné to create one extraordinary experience for all its visitors. STRAATTAAL, a Street Art Exposition, with a combination of (live) street art and music by Rose Flower and Silver Moon artists will be part of this explicit mix. Creating artistic space for you. Chez Miné will make sure your cups are always full and food stays delicious with a pizza special. And of course, prepare for a lot of dancing!

Through all event days we welcome the artworks of the graffiti artists BAMBOEDIE, FLUIDOMENTAL, MR.MAESTRO17, SUUSNR1 and URSHTRAY & specials by ROSALIE (2011) and ZEGER (2012).

The closing party or how the French say ‘finissage’, is going to be an explicit event of its own which emotion was built slowly throughout the whole expo. Kicking off with a brunch with NDSM artist, family & friends and all who feel part of it. The day will merge into a second stage with an ambient music session by Goggular and two special sessions by Evenaris (Live) with a planetary chakra heling and an organic shamanic drum. Afterwards, NDSM Sessions will bring you a special diptych of music and art with a live stream from the spot by the graffiti artist Fluidomental and music by MATTH (live and hybrid). And of course we will party all day long having a good time with all who want to join and celebrate the expo and life in general.

The expo is donation based. All donations are welcome. Tickets for Friday (21.10) and Saturday (22.10) are available in the FB-event.

NDSM Music and NDSM Art Gallery have three values: freedom of expression, connection and embrace the planet. Please note that 20% of our net profit goes to NPO’s that are protecting the environment.

Festival FAQ

The first release of the festival program will be at the end of April. Stay tuned.

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