ADE 2022 x Street Art Expo x NDSM Music x SoHaSo x WeZienWel

ADE 2022 x Street Art Expo x NDSM Music x SoHaSo x WeZienWel

NDSM Music & NDSM Art Gallery are gathering with ADE 2022 at Chez Miné to create one extraordinary experience for all its visitors. STRAATTAAL, a Street Art Exposition, with a combination of (live) street art and music by Rose Flower and Silver Moon artists will be part of this explicit mix. Creating artistic space for you. Chez Miné will make sure your cups are always full and food stays delicious with a pizza special. And of course, prepare for a lot of dancing!

Through all event days we welcome the graffiti artists BAMBOEDIE, FLUIDOMENTAL, MR.MAESTRO17, SUUSNR1 and URSHTRAY & specials by ROSALIE (2011) and ZEGER (2012).

We start this day with brunch and a Label Showcase by WeZienWel Records from Brussels and Genth from 11 till 17.30h!

From 19:00h until midnight we continue with Clear Music Amsterdam and the electronic music label SoHaso. Clear Music is a new agency whose mission is to help brands move beyond content and become part of popular culture. One of their partners is electronic music label Something Happening Somewhere, led by Nuno Dos Santos. SoHaSo has built a respectable record for releasing stellar tracks by established producers.

The expo is donation based. All donations are welcome. Tickets for Friday (21.10) and Saturday (22.10) are available in the FB-event.

NDSM Music and NDSM Art Gallery have three values: freedom of expression, connection and embrace the planet. Please note that 20% of our net profit goes to NPO’s that are protecting the environment

Festival FAQ

The first release of the festival program will be at the end of April. Stay tuned.

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