Luke Slater

Luke Slater

Luke Slater aka The 7th Plain, presents a performance at the intersection of electronic music and contemporary dance. Slater is an extremely prolific artist from the UK working under several monikers. In the past 25 years, his wide variety of electronic music has gained him the status of pioneer and innovator. Producers and DJ’s like Burial, Marcel Dettmann and Lucy are hugely influenced by his work.One of Slater’s alter ego’s is The 7th Plain, under which he made a number of expertly crafted electronica records in the 1990s. Slater is now digging back into this dreamy part of his ambient catalogue, music that has been described as ‘a panorama of a bright and confident future’. During the lockdown the idea arose to create a multi-disciplinary performance, sound tracked by this particularly stirring and hopeful sounding corner of his oeuvre. With this concert show combined with ballet, a long-cherished wish for Slater comes true.

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