The Nederlands Kamerkoor focuses on old and modern power women in Ester. The source of inspiration is the Biblical figure Esther, an ancient icon of empowerment, who saved the Jewish people from genocide by taking matters into their own hands. The choir is led by the battle of the Slovenian conductor Martina Batič, in combination with the electronic sounds of the Iranian-American turntable artist Shiva Feshareki.

In this musical tribute to courageous women through the ages, the hypnotic electronic soundscapes of Shiva Feshareki alternate with parts of the writings, David Lang's recently completed cycle based in part on the Bible book of Esther. These two drivers of empowerment, new and old, are linked by the dance of Niaya Jones a.k.a. BOSSLADY, an eighteen-year-old dancer from Los Angeles, filmed by Miriam Kruishoop in her installation film Living in America.

This program is accompanied by a performance by slam poet Lisette Ma Neza.

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