The Only One in the Room - Gender Equality on the Workfloor

Five female music professionals and one male return to ADE in 2020 to talk about gender discrimination and the lack of intersectionality in the electronic music industry. They will attempt to understand how gender discrimination relates to racism, as well as to intolerance towards religions and sexual orientation. It is increasingly recognised that businesses who fail to consider intersectionality in their diversity & inclusion initiatives often lose out due to high staff turnover and an unhappy, unproductive workforce,- and our panelists will be looking to industry leaders from other sectors to learn how to apply their successes to the music industry. As part of our ongoing efforts to establish the AFEM Code of Conduct, Sarah Hildering and Matt Adell will present ideas on how we can apply the code to workplaces, the live sector, and on the dance floor. Alongside that, Sam Warren (University of Portsmouth) returns to present further findings from the AFEM D&I Survey results

Conference FAQ

This year's edition will take place in an online-first format. With an ADE Digital Pro Pass you'll be able to log in to our website and enter the digital conference and platform.

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