Peaking Lights - Cancelled

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Peaking Lights - Cancelled

Californian electronic pop duo Peaking Lights have been making music together since 2008. Already with a string of highly acclaimed albums across their twelve year production history, the husband and wife duo that is Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis have carved out a niche of quirky electronic, and psychedelic pop sounds. Their most recent and sixth release, ‘E S C A P E’ came out earlier this year. The record finds them at their finest, replete with atmospheric landscapes crafted out of homemade-percussive loops, that sit alongside wondrous electronic pop and krautrock-like hooks.

The events are hosted in close collaboration with the city council. All of the public health and safety guidelines set by the government are taken into account. We kindly want to ask everyone to follow the guidelines and respect the rules that have been set by the participating venues. Read all about this here. We do not encourage (global) travel to Amsterdam.

This event is cancelled.

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