Palmbomen II - Extra Show - Cancelled

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Palmbomen II - Extra Show - Cancelled

On Sunday, October 25th, Palmbomen II plays a show in Paradiso Noord for a maximum of 86 visitors. As this show is with seating only, the producer will play an adjusted set that is suitable for the new concert setting.

Kai Hugo is a real artist, someone who makes music to dance to, but music that is constructed like a proper song with a real narrative. Whether making it for the club, at home, or a film, it is his quest for unusual harmonies and absorbing grooves that stands him apart, as well as his complimentary work in video clips and 3D animation. He works with a minimal toolset, often on tape, so he can focus on structure and emotion rather than production. As a live artist, he is the same: someone who puts his collection of old synths into storytelling mode and sets off into a surrealist yet welcoming unknown.

The events are hosted in close collaboration with the city council. All of the public health and safety guidelines set by the government are taken into account. We kindly want to ask everyone to follow the guidelines and respect the rules that have been set by the participating venues. Read all about this here. We do not encourage (global) travel to Amsterdam.

This event is cancelled.

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