New Opportunities for the Live Industry Part 2: Festivals


New Opportunities for the Live Industry Part 2: Festivals

The global live music festival industry was until very recently a multi-million dollar earner, based around a network of artists. event planners, stage decorators, technicians, agents, bookers, graphic designers, and countless other talented and dedicated people, who now find themselves with too much free time. What can the music industry's other sectors, the ones that relate to, and benefit from, that globe-straddling network, do to help protect the talent that will otherwise eventually disappear? ADE Pro online will be hosting a conversation featuring agents, promoters and managers, where the key topics will be how to save the global live scene, what its future shape could and should be, how to breathe life back into cash-starved businesses, what the positive takeaways might eventually be from the live shutdown, and what sort of live scene we really want to see emerging from the current crisis, in the months and years ahead.

Conference FAQ

This year's edition will take place in an online-first format. With an ADE Digital Pro Pass you'll be able to log in to our website and enter the digital conference and platform.

This year's  ADE Digital Pro Pass  provides access to our complete digital conference program, as well as a full year subscription to ADE Pro's brand new social networking platform.

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