De Ambassade - Early Show

De Ambassade - Early Show

In the concrete grayness of the Amsterdam suburbs we find Pascal Pinkert, Timothy Francis and Aniek de Rooij working on their darker wave salvation, going by the moniker of De Ambassade. Cold, distant songs about lost love with a distinct DIY sound and haunting hollow Dutch vocals soaked in reverb make each of their songs instantly identifiable as De Ambassade. On Thursday, October 22nd, De Ambassade plays two seated shows for a maximum of 86 visitors each.

The events are hosted in close collaboration with the city council. All of the public health and safety guidelines set by the government are taken into account. We kindly want to ask everyone to follow the guidelines and respect the rules that have been set by the participating venues. Read all about this here. We do not encourage (global) travel to Amsterdam.

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