ADE 2020 x NDSM experience - Because the Night

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ADE 2020 x NDSM experience - Because the Night

Music and visual art together in a 90 minutes experience.
We are honored to present the artworks together forming ‘Because the Night’ on the livestream. Artworks by Vladimir Grafov (1964) and Boris Acket (1988). Together with a DJ-set with improvisations on several instruments by MATTH.

Light artists Boris Acket and Vladimir Grafov bring an ode to the night and festival culture, just when the city is forced to stay quiet at night. At the invitation of the NDSM Foundation, both makers are developing a site-specific installation, titled Because of the Night, on the NDSM terrain that creates a collective experience in this individual time by playing with elements such as sound waves, light, and rhythm.

The NDSM Foundation creates two special light works in the public space that bring an ode to the club and festival scene. Known to many as a lively and raw festival site, the NDSM-wharf, just like other locations in Amsterdam, has had its quiet months due to the measures surrounding COVID-19. During ADE the NDSM Foundation wants to make up for the lack of festivals with artistic interventions by artists Boris Acket and Vladimir Grafov, who react with their works to the atmosphere and visual experiences of festivals that are now forced to be missed at the former shipyard.

The presentation ‘Because the Night’ consists of two works. Light and sound artist Boris Acket (1988), known for his light works at DGTL Festival, creates a beating heart on the wharf during the deafening physical silence during ADE 2020 at NDSM. The work gives a shot in the arm of the night and festival sector and connects the Amsterdam North and the city center. The rhythm of the light makes the pulsating heartbeat noiselessly visible and almost audible, waiting for the moment when the sound can be turned on again. Light artist Vladimir Grafov (1964) uses lasers in his installation (Invincible Sun) to create an abstract and autonomous play of lines on the Y-Helling, the slope from where ships used to roll into the IJ river. The laser lights are inextricably linked to dance parties and form the basis for his work.

Grafov combines science and technology to create new forms of compelling experiences in form, color, and sound. Changing festival landscape The NDSM wharf normally colors along with all the festivals and events that take place throughout the year. Now, this is currently not allowed due to Covid, the NDSM Foundation, responsible for managing, curating, and programming the site, commissions artists to create interventions on the iconic container arch between the NDSM warehouse and the new street-art museum STRAAT. Illustrator Sue Doeksen will be the first artist to kick off this autumn, her work can be seen on the arch from 2021 onwards.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday, October 21st and the works are on display at the NDSM wharf during Amsterdam Dance Event from October 21st to the 25th. Admission is free and the works can be seen daily from 17.00 to 23.00 hours. It is not necessary to book a time slot.

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