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Talk Circle of Live presented by Ableton

Circle of Live is one of the most exciting event concepts in the electronic music scene right now. “Honouring the values of spontaneity and improvisation,” it focuses entirely on improvised live electronic performance without ever losing touch with the values of the dancefloor and collective expression that are the life blood of club culture. Featuring world class musicians like Peter Van Hoesen, Frank Wiedemann (Âme), Mathew Jonson, Vril, Steffi, Dorisburg, Amp Fiddler and Freerotation's Steevio & Suzybee, it is a wellspring of glorious sound and experience. Those free-flowing collaborative jam sessions have graced some of the most prestigious venues and festivals around the world: from Funkhaus Berlin, through to Village Underground London, Vent Tokyo and Mutek Festival in Montreal & Mexico. For this session, Mullaert will be musing on the nature of improvisation itself, in his own practice, in the Circle of Live sessions, and more generally. How does technology redefine what improvisation is? How do we “jam” with synced devices? What do these processes reveal to us about creativity and flow? Johanna Knutsson and Neel will also be joining Mullaert on stage alongside project manager Niko Seizov and dig further into these topics.

Please bear in mind that ADE Sound Lab tickets receive priority access. In case there are still a few seats available ten minutes before the session, we will open the doors for ADE Card holders.

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