New Role Models by Fontys ACI

“Diversity” is not just an abstract concept, or a vague aspiration. Dance music as we know it - this global industry - has its roots in the queer, black, Latinx and other communities of US cities, yet the dominance of white cis het male faces at the top level of the industry is still glaring. Making sure that our culture truly represents everyone involved in it has to be a set of concrete actions that are taken every day, in everything we do. House music itself contains that aspiration in its very fabric - the idea that “we are all dancing in Jack’s house: black or white, Jew or gentile…” so what can we do to make sure that this is something that we enact and make possible, not just a soppy feel-good slogan? That's why ADE is hosting a discussion about what is being done and what must still be done to reach true equality of opportunity AND representation in our industry. Joining us will be Kae Burke of House Of Yes - Brooklyn’s all inclusive, all-incorporating circus of nightlife - and LYZZA the Brazilian born and raised DJ / producer / vocalist currently blazing a path trough Amsterdam and the world’s club life with thrillingly radical and politicised electronic sounds, plus two more panelists TBC. They - and crucially, you, as this is designed to be a participitatve session - will interrogate how role models and representation work in the current industry, and dare to dream of hopes and aspirations for the next decade and more.

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