Moog presents: Composing Live Techno with Analog Synthesizers


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Moog presents: Composing Live Techno with Analog Synthesizers

They were the very first commercially available analogue synthesisers, and remain at the heart of electronic music to this day. So who better than Moog to give us an overview of the place of analogue in the studio and in the live arena? This session features Moog Production Design Engineer, Nick Valente, in conversation with German DJ and techno producer Stephan Bodzin and mixing powerhouse Hannes Bieger, who will share secrets of the benefits and challenges of integrating analogue into an ever more digital world. Bremen's Bodzin will be known to anyone attending ADE, and can offer insight not just based on his own processes but on those of his many high-profile collaborators: Marc Romboy, Pan-Pot, Max Cooper, Agents of Time, Dominik Eulberg and more. Bieger is one of the most in demand mixing engineers in all of dance music, but also a stellar musician, DJ and live performers, with releases on Poker Flat and John Digweed's Bedrock under his belt. Along with Gaynes's unparalleled circuit-board level knowledge of the inside of the machines, the accumulated experience on this panel is really quite something.

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