MoMI: Museum of Modern Instruments

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MoMI: Museum of Modern Instruments

As a running theme this year, running right through both the conference and club / performance events, ADE is celebrating 100 years of electronic instruments. This includes a special theremin program and performance, modular nights and electronic music icons on stage as performers and speakers. And as an extra special cherry on the cake, to pay homage to the pioneers of electronic music and to highlight the incredible rise and evolution of electronic instruments, ADE invited gearhead extraordinaire and artist Arp Frique to curate MoMI: our miniature Museum of Modern Instruments.

Starting with the Theremin, ending with the 2019 cutting edge, in this pop-up museum you will find some of the most important and recognisable instruments in music history, a few overlooked classics and a couple of rare items, in a tour through the evolution of electronic musical instruments. There’ll be the analogue, modular and digital synthesizers that shaped the sound of electronic music and far beyond, an illustration of the evolution of the drum machine, samplers, effects, a Stockhausen-style setup, the introduction of the computer into the way we make music and more. All this presented with the kind of in-depth background information real gear enthusiasts will appreciate.

Opening hours:
Wednesday 7pm-8.30pm opening event
Thursday 10am-11pm
Friday 10am-11pm
Saturday 10am-8pm

Free access for ADE Card, ADE Sound Lab Card and ADE Delegates.

De Brakke Grond

De Brakke Grond, better know as the ADE Festival Hangout, is the home to ADE Beam Lab and ADE Sound Lab.

Momi beeld 1 205527

De Brakke Grond, better know as the ADE Festival Hangout, is the home to ADE Beam Lab and ADE Sound Lab.

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