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Modular synth night in /K

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Within the context of this years theme 'the 100 years of electronic music instruments', Studio/K will host a program filled with modular synthesizer artists which will play the whole night all kinds of electronic music. The styles are ranging from noise, ambient, dance to experimental music. The night will be hosted by Bart Wolff, who also organizes modular synth nights as Voltage Control Amsterdam in Paradiso and is one of the organizers of the yearly festival Dutch Modular Fest 2019.

This night will have the visuals from Mono - Poly.

Mono - Poly (Dennis Verschoor) started exploring/buying synthesizers around 1994.It was a Crumar Bit One synthesizer and later on he added a Korg Mono/Poly and Roland JX3P. After that things came and went, and the setup changed over and over. At some point he realized he loved moving knobs and programming more than playing with those white and black things on synthesizers. Soon he bought his first modular synthesizer, an ARP 2600 and that started a never ending story.
At some point in 2007 Mono-Poly went to an event in Belgium called “Chateau Sonore” There he met a guy who programmed self playing patch noodles on the Clavia G2 modular. It fascinated him and he became really passionate about self generating patches that play stuff without any human or computer manipulation at all.
Nowadays Dennis Verschoor is running a well known modular event in the Netherlands called Noodlebar. This is THE spot for modular synthesizer performances and artists from all over the world have played here. Dennis is the godfather of the modular performance scene in the Netherlands!
He has also done a lecture at the Dutch Film Festival about modular synthesis and collecting stuff. He played at festivals like Freerotation and did stuff for Intergalactic fm. He has also releases on Doppelganger records, Strange Life Records and more...
Mono Poly has gigged in various places like Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Oxford, Manchester, Copenhagen, Estonia, Myanmar, and Chengdu.
During Voltage Control Amsterdam at Studio K, Dennis will provide visuals, with old analog test equipment and custom build (by him self) machines, which generate vector images.

Cultuurschok is an alias of Detlef Villerius, also co-founder of Cosmotronic (Eurorack modules) and founder of the False Flag records label.

Born in the 80s, out of a short but intense love affair at castle Hoensbroek, at the very tip of southern Limburg.
His father, who was a gardener at the castle, fell in love with the unmistakable beauty of his mother, who at the time as a maid, literally handed out the sheets.

When he was old enough to be able to walk, he exchanged equanimous Limburg for the turbulent The Hague where Christmas trees were not peacefully adorned in living rooms but lay burning at street corners.
The influence of the romantic castle Hoensbroek can certainly be heard, but so too, The Hague seeps through with its curious history in its music. His music can therefore be called at least somewhat schizophrenic;
On the one hand lively, flagrant melodies that originate in pop music from the 80s and on the other obscure and occult disorder as a result of an era without internet, brutal films and clandestine political and social tightness.

The result is an exuberant and energetic stream of danceable sounds that are fired at the listener from different devices. cultuurschok uses a combination of a tailor-made Eurorack system, supplemented with ready-made electronic instruments. Depending on the state of mind, his set consists to a greater or lesser extent of raw disco, electro, techno or acid.

Under his Boris Scorpio moniker, Hein Verhoeven is creating live, improvised modular synth music for the last 10 years. He prefers playing live over recording because in his vision the inspiring unpredictability of the modular synth is best shared live with the direct response of an audience. His style ranges from noisy ambient to harsh industrial techno.


Long ago when analogue synthesizers started to be 'out' and the digital synth era began, Thomas experimented in his german 80's bedroom with (home)-computer generated sounds. In the early 90's when the computers went faster and were able to to play samples, he used the first generation of trackers (mostly sample based computer sequencers) to make his first songs. At some point his computermusic, mostly influenced by chipmusic of old homecomputers found it's way through the internet into a widespread community where he finally started to play his first gigs. For this he used mainly old homecomputers, gameboys and some self made gear. He played many concerts nearly around the world including the US, Russia, whole Europe and many gigs in the Netherlands like at Eurosonic, Lowlands and others (as firestARTer / Frau Holle). As he is also into electronics, he built and developed many DIY projects. He was following the developments of Doepfer when they were still the only ones who exposed Eurorack or modular synthesizers in general but never took the step to get started with it. That changed when he started to develop his own sequencer/synthesizer called NerdSynth. As he always made music with trackers, the tracker was of course the logical decision as the type of sequencer. He made the first real hardware tracker sequencer and started his own electronic music instrument company -> XOR Electronics. Seeing the possibility to get the sequencer ready, the NerdSynth morphed into the NerdSEQ which is now one of the most capable Eurorack sequencers out there. With that his Eurorack times began. Since the begin of 2019 he is back on stage with his new project Betasquare. His set is build around his NerdSEQ, some other self developed modules next to others.
Style: Electro, Pop, Dance

Roel Weerdenburg is a live audio and visual performer, composer of electronic music and sound designer. Currently he is a student in Sonic Design and Electronic Music Composition at University of the Arts Utrecht. Here he is focussing on interface design for his modular synthesizer, multidisciplinary works like electro-acoustic ensembles and audio/visual installations. Most of his live performances are rhythm-driven always a one of a kind experience for the audience and himself.

Almost n Sync is Allert Aalders, Roel Weerdenburg & Bart Wolff. It's the world's first modular boy band!

Forged together by there love for modular synthesizers, they make live ambient pieces on lots of strange quipement. Patching on the spot, things can go all directions. Expects ambient, long soundscapes and strange deepwater sounds

Allert Aalders studied sound synthesis with Ernst Bonis at the Utrecht School of Arts in the early 90’s. He was a founding member of techno act Human Beings in the mid 90’s.

In the 2000’s he started as sound engineer at Utrecht’s Tivoli venue, toured as front of house mixer with acts like Epica, Nobody Beats the Drum, David August and especially Berlin’s techno-punk god T.Raumschmiere.

In 2012 he founded Sonar Traffic with Ben Spaander (Cosmic Force). With over 50 mostly vintage synths this is the ultimate synth geek playground, located in Kytopia in Utrecht.

Allert teaches about everything synth and has created presets for ao the Behringer DeepMind12 synth, Arturia and Native Instruments. He also creates sound effects for movie trailer soundtracks through Amsterdam’s The Solos.

With Sonar Traffic, Allert organises the bi-monthly event Modulation at Kytopia: 3 modular performances on Sunday night.

Allert does mostly improvised performances on his modular. He always tries to give sounds an organic quality.

Bart Wolff (aka. Sendepause)makes weird music. Everything he makes is a happy accident and always improvised. Anything can happen. Sometimes with a beat and sometimes not, depending on his mood. Lately it’s more ambient towards abstract cosmic sound explorations.

Bart started playing records a long time ago. He used to play his records during breaks at film events at the Zuid-As, Paradiso and Kriterion. There he got his artist name ‘Sendepause’, which is German for transmission break. After a long hiatus from music, he discovered the modular synthesizer in 2014 and is seriously hooked ever since.

Bart is also the driving force behind the modular event organization Voltage Control Amsterdam.

Free entrance.


In 2007, Studio/K opened its doors in Amsterdam’s multicultural East side. The monumental, century-old school building was transformed into a cinema, nightclub, restaurant and bar. All of this is run completely and exclusively by students.

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In 2007, Studio/K opened its doors in Amsterdam’s multicultural East side. The monumental, century-old school building was transformed into a cinema, nightclub, restaurant and bar. All of this is run completely and exclusively by students.

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