Learn From My Mistakes with Wouter Tavecchio


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Learn From My Mistakes with Wouter Tavecchio

Wouter Tavecchio is what you call a true entrepreneur. In 1998 he Founded Q-Dance, the biggest festival brand in The Netherlands. After merging with ID&T in 2006 he became CEO of the resulting company until it was sold in 2012. Bringing people together to celebrate life has always been a thread running through Wouters' work. Not only in the festival industry, but also by helping people find their inner peace at the spiritual retreat centre Mandali that he built in Italy. In this talk Tavecchio will tell you all about his fascinating life - and crucially, this will not be to talk about his successes, but his failures, struggles and bumpy roads he’s traversed as an entrepreneur and how they helped him, and can help you, learn to do better business.

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