Mental health

Healthy Mind, Healthy Party?

We all know that the music industry is competitive, demanding and in many other ways not conducive to good mental health. And not only are stress, anxiety, depression and substance issues commonplace, but there is a serious pressure particularly on DJs to hide these issues: to be the life and soul of the party 24/7. It's notable that in the last couple of years progress seems to be being made on this – more musicians are admitting to struggles, and the rhetoric that it's “good to talk” about mental health is commonplace now – but what can DJs and musicans actually doto keep themselves on a level? Spinnin' Records stars Jobke Heiblom aka Jay Hardway (or JΔY HΔRDWΔY) and Julian Dobbenberg aka Julian Jordan understand the pressures of the industry as well as anyone, having risen through the ranks to the highest levels, and shown fearsome work ethics throughout their careers – so their insight into how to maintain sanity while keeping up the workload will be vital to the wider conversation.

This panel is co-curated by DDJF

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