Gamechangers - Live Sets Using Streaming



Thu, Oct 17, 2019
12:30 - 13:15
20171018 Amsterdam Dance Event Conference6820 Mark Richter

Jack Bridges (Senior Manager, Label Relations, Soundcloud, GB), Mark Grotefeld (General Manager, Pioneer DJ, GB), Scotty Hoogerbrug (CMO, Serato, NZ), Terry Weerasinghe (CPO, Beatport, GB), Moderator: Dave Clarke (Artist, GB)

Streaming has turned both the music and film business on it’s head with the demise of iTunes and the way we view tv and films, it is about to enter the world of DJ’ing. How will Generation Rent lead the way in this arena? Will having access to all the music all of the time make us a better DJ, will 5G finally liberate us from the shackles of ownership of a library, will there finally be a more efficient way of collecting royalties for electronic artists? Our esteemed panel may have the answers...

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