Windmolens 110503

Dockyard Festival

A distant thunder rumbles over the horizon with the promise of Dockyard’s return.

Dockyard Festival & Mystic Garden Festival share the same general entrance.
Upon entry, you could walk back and forth from one event to the other.

You can upgrade your ticket with an "Industry upgrade" for backstage access and access to a special deck.

ADE-delegates with an ADE wristband and all guests with an "Industry upgrade" are welcome in the backstage Industry areas.

Please note, the Industry upgrade alone does not provide you access to the festival. You'll still need a entrance ticket.

Festival FAQ

ADE's festival program covers the whole spectrum of electronic subgenres, with over 2,500 artists performing in 100 of Amsterdam's finest music and nightlife spaces.

+ ADE Pass: full conference, festivals & ADE by Day events (From January 15th onwards).
+ ADE Conference Pass: full conference & ADE by Day events (From January 15th onwards).
+ ADE Pack: ADE Pass or ADE Conference Pass + Hotel (Available soon).
+ ADE Card: grants access to ADE by Day (Available soon).
+ Single conference tickets to the ADE sub-conferences  (Available soon).
+ Single festival tickets (Available soon).

Please check out our ticketing page here.

The ADE Pass grants you access to the complete ADE program. Meaning all conference tracks, ADE by Day and festival events (including sold out events). Do keep in mind that there’s a limited capacity that each venue takes into account for wristband holders. The ADE Pass would be a perfect fit, if you are planning on enjoying the combination of day and night events. Please be aware it’s not just a festival pass.

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