ADE BeamLab in Conversation with Arcadia's Pip Rush Jansen


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ADE BeamLab in Conversation with Arcadia's Pip Rush Jansen

This year Arcadia Spectacular returned to Glastonbury with Pangea, a gigantic new installation, and founder and creative director Pip Rush Jansen will be at ADE Beam Lab to discuss the project, the challenges associated with its construction, and the groundbreaking innovations embedded in it. His keynote explores conceptual, site-specific installations using Arcadia’s new Glastonbury arena as a case study. A 5-year project that grows and evolves alongside audiences, making them a part of a journey, its centerpiece is a 140 tonne, 50 meter-high repurposed dock crane that acts both as a sculptural totem and as infrastructure, allowing Arcadia to take over the sky across an 80-meter radius. Fusing sculpture, engineering, high octane spectacle and breathtaking special effects, they have transported party-goers from around the globe into awe-inspiring worlds and spellbinding sensory experiences. Hear how they do it and what might be next at ADE Beam Lab.

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