ADE X Foam: Planet Core by Boris Postma

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20161020 ADE Compagnietheater Soundlab Willeke Machiels 003 8129

ADE X Foam: Planet Core by Boris Postma

Foam and ADE join forces to present the work of Boris Postma. The exhibition brings together a selection of photographs from Postma's series Planet Core, in which he captures the unique aesthetic of one of the most original subscultures of recent decades: Gabber.

Gabber music is the black sheep of the Dutch music family. A total outsider, gabber is anti-culture, a pain in the ass of the mainstream. Gabber is crude, bold and raw. Gabber is fooling around. Gabber is pain. Gabber is steel. But Gabber is also unconditional companionship, love and affiliation, honour, pride and honesty. Gabber is family.

Artist and photographer Boris Postma has experienced Gabber like few others. He discovered gabbers and hardcore fans in Japan, Italy, and Germany and was welcomed into their local scenes. He ate, slept and hakte (the accompanying dance) with his new friends, recording their lives with love and dedication. In a nuanced manner, Boris not only focuses on the sometimes extreme and sensational visual identity of this subculture, but strives to show the human side of it.

Free entrance to ADE Card, ADE Sound Lab and ADE delegates.


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