ADE MusicTalks: Roger Linn


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ADE MusicTalks: Roger Linn

Has anyone got their sonic signature on as great a spread of music as Grammy award winner Roger Linn? He's perhaps most famous for revolutionising electronic rhythm making not once, but twice: first by designing the first sampling drum machine, the LM-1 and its follow-up the LinnDrum, and second by creating the Akai MPC range of samplers. Those early drum machines came to define the sound of the 1980s, from the biggest pop acts down to soul, boogie and experimental oddities that are now staples for crate-digging DJs. The MPC, of course, helped to define the sound of golden-age hip hop, and added a liveness to beat-programming which makes it still beloved today, and its layout endlessly copied in other devices. Linn has never stopped designing and innovating, though, developing all kinds of sequencers, effects and other devices. And as a keen musician himself, he's always aimed to make interfaces more intuitive and physical, the latest manifestation of this being the Linnstrument controller, launched in 2015. His ADE MusicTalks will focus on his history and the development of his drum machines, and will be followed by a Linnstrument workshop where he will show off his own skills as well as the expressiveness of his unique instrument.

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