On the right track with the She.Grows program

Thursday, 28 February 2019
The inaugural ADE University edition of the mini-mentor program for five young female professionals, selected by ADE and shesaid.so, was very well received by both mentors and mentees and will make its way back into the 2019 ADE program.

Following up on recent announcements about ADE LIVE and ADE Sound Lab we continue with more news focused on the live aspect of electronic music, as Dutch musicians Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers, better known as Weval will take over the iconic main hall of Het Concertgebouw in the evening of Wednesday October 16th. Tickets will be available from March 8 onwards.

Haarlem based International Music Management student Kaari Tõke was partnered with mentor Tamar Tieleman, marketeer at Melkweg. "I saw the opportunity to take part in this project 4 hours before the deadline. When I saw who our potential mentors could be, I didn’t hesitate at all to apply. (...) My main hope for the day was that I could ask about her past and how she started as a drama student to work in marketing. And also get to know her on a more personal level. I swear the first time she or I swore in front of each other all the walls came crumbling down."

For Tieleman it was also an interesting opportunity: "It’s just an honour that Kaari read into my work as much, and I really love that now she has several meetings with awesome companies that would suit her personality well. I think that’s the biggest gift you can give and receive: To connect like-minded people to each other. Not just for Kaari, but also my friends who I know I’ve passed on a valuable possible employer. On both ends it saves so much time going through bad experiences. It’s very rewarding to be a link in that."

Tõke: "I got so much advice from her, regarding my next steps in becoming woman working in the music industry. She told me that it is important to show up to places and always be yourself because that’s the most important thing. She also told me to say yes to different offers or be open to them. All in all, me and Tamar will be in contact for sure so I can always ask her for advice if I need it.

Tieleman: "I enjoyed meeting Kaari, and really wanted to set her up with some people as she is so driven and captivating. But the network event I took her to was very busy and I felt like she deserved more attention from me. Therefore I think our contact via text and meeting each other was best; we really had one on one time and I knew exactly who to let her get in contact with. What I love about Kaari is her drive, her enthusiasm and humour. She came into the breakfast extremely well prepared and was really able to show herself with confidence. She reminded me of myself and how I used to be when I started out and she really reminded me to never lose that flame."

Both Tieleman and Tõke definitely enjoyed the whole experience: "I think the most important thing that I learned was that I’m on the right track. It is so uplifting to hear it from a person who has done all of it what I am at the moment. She was also the first person to acknowledge my interest in the event management what my future in Amsterdam could be. (...) Also, I didn’t expect to get so close to her. I was so beyond happy how after half an hour of meeting each other she suggested someone I should meet and she delivered: she did not let me down! I had a meeting with Maarten, her husband in the ID&T offices in A’dam Tower. It was such an amazing meeting, I felt like I learned more from him in two hours that I have in two years in my studies. Also, I met Phil Horneman, the Wicked Jazz party owner and we are good friends now!"

Tieleman "I think it’s great if you can help someone get to where you are via an easier road. You’ve paved it, give them access."

About She.Grows at ADE University 2018

She.Grows is an initiative by shesaidso and offers future women executives the chance to learn from, get inspired by and get to know established female professionals. Mentors were Kimberly Tanikromo, label manager at Bitbird, Malena Wolfer senior marketing and international manager at Believe Music, Tamar Tieleman, marketing manager at Melkweg, Madeleine van Geuns, artist manager of Sam Feldt at MusicAllStars Management/Spinnin’ Records, and Jessica Ibgui, senior marketing, sync & licensing manager at Buddemusic France.

ADE and shesaidso are immensely grateful to our five mentors who generously agreed to give up their precious time during and after ADE to help make the industry more representative of the world we live in. Subscribe for ADE program updates to find out more about the she.grows program as part of ADE University.