Eat. Sleep. Record. Repeat. with ADE's Demolition XXIV winners

Monday, 10 February 2020
The 24th title holders of ADE’s annual Demolition competition got the honor to fly off to W Barcelona as part of an extensive price package, and record a fresh new track in the W Sound Suite Studio, under the guidance of Mike Mago and MixMag there to cover the endeavor.

ADE Demolition 2019
Flashback to ADE19. Demolition is an annual competition that invites music producers to submit unsigned demos for them then to be critiqued by jury members. Last year's judges included Demolition captain Dave Clarke, Eli Iwasa, Joseph Capriati, Kristin Velvet, Todd Terry and Mike Mago himself.

In a nail-biting session, for the first time in many years the decision came down to a tiebreaker, with the judges having to make a final choice between "Stardom" (Stardom/Hater) and the moody, dubstep-influenced track from Bastiaan van Vuuren, Axyl and Alba Reed. In the final count it was a clear decision for the track "Stardom" (Stardom/Hater) among the whole panel, with vocals by the Latvian/Dutch singer ANNNA, and composed by ANNNA herself (Anna Madara Perkone) and August Blichert Friis.

The ADE platform isn’t only for renowned names, it also is a stepping stone for new talent by showcasing, developing and endorsing aspiring artists. Great examples are the independent ADE Writerscamp, which was organised for the first time during ADE19, as well as the Demolition competition that have been part of ADE for many years.

Fast forward to Barcelona February 2020
ADE is always an awesome experience and Demolition is the cherry on top,” said Mago, Dutch DJ and founder of BMKLTSCH RCRDS, to MixMag in Barcelona. “It’s cool to see so many talented people out there, all coming from different starting points and bringing loads of different styles and techniques to the table.”

On ANNNA winning the competition, he added: “One thing that initially stood out about ANNNA was her style, her sound was so unique. Her vocals and lyrics really stood out too. She has a kinda Lana Del Rey kinda voice, which worked really well with the backing track.

During their stay in W Barcelona the trio (Anna, August and Mike) had full acces to the Sound Suite, which offers a private and sound-proofed recording booth, as well as a spacious lounge for artists and their equipment to record. An ideal place to mix, record and produce, while being on the road.

"We started working on a new song, it will definitely be a banger. The track is actually a story about sustainability- if one will listen to the lyrics, you’ll think “wow, this is one sexy track”, but actually, it’s about sustainability. So in the Sound Suite, we're drafting the track’s production, recording the chorus vocals and in the Netherlands we will work on finishing it up." said ANNNA.

Next to recording new material, the singer has recently dropped "Polyester" the third single of her upcoming EP entitled ‘Pay Bills/Climb Hills', a theme-based album covering global issues like sustainability and equality.

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Photo credits: W Hotel Barcelona and Laura Jacobs

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