ADE Pro Introduces legal vertical

Thursday, 08 August 2019
ADE Pro’s move to make its conference offer easier to navigate continues with a series of panels focusing on important legal issues such as the real impact of Article 13, the creative implications of the recent Kraftwerk sampling decision which was handed down by the European Court of justice (CJEU) this summer, a review of the changing face of visas, plus a chance to get expert advice from top entertainment lawyers.

After recent announcements about ADE Live and Andy Cato joining ADE Green, we shift focus into conference program as PRO introduces a new vertical.

Article 13 - Triumph or Tragedy?
will be looking at why the pleasure expressed by the music industry about the new EU rule was shaded by the howls of outrage from many young online users who often express their love of a song or act by co-opting elements of the artist’s work into memes, karaoke sessions, and fan videos. Do they risk being fined or served with take-down notices? How do musicians feel about their fans being persecuted?

Catch Me if You Can:
The Art of Sampling in the Aftermath of the CJEU Kraftwerk Judgment features legal specialists plus Orbital’s Phil Hartnoll discussing under what circumstances it is possible to sample recordings without the prior consent of the master owners, and what role the human auditory sense plays in this complex and somewhat subjective situation.

The Visa Versa session
features international legal experts on the complicated issues around work permits and visas. The panel will be reviewing how changes in US government policy with added racial profiling, as well as the possibility of a catastrophic Brexit are affecting, or likely to affect, artist mobility. And finally, the Meet The Lawyers Speed-Dating session features eight top lawyers, all entertainment specialists, offering free legal advice to delegates. The session is run on a first-come, first-served basis with only the first 48 people guaranteed a 10-minute session with a legal expert.

About ADE Pro

ADE Pro is the global business platform for electronic music. Founded in 1995, its the annual gathering of the electronic music industry. The three-day conference runs from Wednesday, October 16th through till Friday, October 18th at DeLaMar Theater and features dedicated programming for music professionals.