ADE Beats 2018 celebrates hip-hop’s worldwide success

Thursday, 20 September 2018
ADE Beats 2018 celebrates the global success of hip-hop, bass and beats: from Atlanta to Mumbai, and from Amsterdam to Vietnam. At ADE Beats the most successful music genre worldwide, has its own international platform. On Friday October 19th join the fourth edition of ADE Beats during Amsterdam Dance Event, with headliners such as London On Da Track, Just Blaze, The Jillionaire, EMPIRE’s Ghazi Shami, Jack $hirak, Yung Felix, Big Dada-founder and author Will Ashon, Shanti Das, Winne, Nana Rogues and Steel Banglez.

ADE Beats is an annual initiative to promote hip-hop, bass and beats culture worldwide. International headliners at ADE Beats this year include American hip-hop legend Just Blaze and British production heavyweights Nana Rogues and Steel Banglez in an exciting package presented by Akai Professional, London On Da Track from Atlanta and a unique Q&A with The Jillionaire, of Major Lazer, hosted by Foot Locker. From The Netherlands Yung Felix and Jack $hirak, Winne, Mula B and upcoming stars like S10, Leafs and JoeyAK discuss their careers and Broederliefde-manager Lorenzo Jonathas, 101Barz-frontman Rotjoch and A&R manager Brahim Fouradi share their vision on the explosive success of Dutch hip-hop.

At ADE Beats 2018, EMPIRE-founder and CEO Ghazi Shami discusses his company’s role in the early careers of Kendrick Lamar, Migos and Anderson .Paak and how it disrupts the distribution business for independents. Director Abe Batshon talks about his platform BeatStars and the affiliated producers worldwide that are selling their beats to stars outside of the traditional music industry. Akwasi interviews Alex Boateng of Island Records on the success of the British urban scene. And in Hip-Hop, Bass and Beats in the East insiders Lee Lam from Vietnam, Charles Chu who worked in Mongolia, Korea and Japan, Joy Singh and Ayush Arora from India, and Dutch dj Wiwek discuss the latest trends and opportunities in the growing hip-hop, bass and beats market in Asia.

Shanti Das, who worked with OutKast, Prince, TLC and Erykah Badu among many others, will present Silence The Shame at ADE Beats 2018, her campaign aimed at creating more awareness with regards to the important issue of mental health in the music industry. Big Dada founder and music author Will Ashon wrote a book on the 25-year-old debut album by Wu-Tang Clan and will deliver a keynote on the impact of one of the most important albums of the 20th century. Bruce Carbone worked at Cash Money Records and with Timbaland and Missy Elliott, is A&R at Def Jam and works on G.O.O.D. Music and other projects. He will share his knowledge and experience at ADE Beats. Leila Fataar (Platform13) and Leeor Brown (Friends of Friends) will discuss their business experiences and business insight, and their vision on authentic, inclusive and positive collaborations between music and brands.

Also on October 19th, we present the inaugural ADE Beats X Drum&BassArena conference, a fresh addition to our program and a full day of exciting content hosted by the genre’s longest standing platform. Expect the full 170 BPM experience as we dig deep into the foundations with original scene titans such as DJ Hype, Aphrodite and Futurebound before exploring the genre’s global roots and great future. Comes fully loaded with interactive Q&A’s and a networking afterparty with Kove, Futurebound and A.M.C. If you’re into D&B this is the place to be at ADE.

ADE Beats 2018 also presents many competitions and networking sessions for artists and producers. ADE Beats delegates get the opportunity to win a new Akai Professional hard-hitter, the MPC X, in the on-the-spot beat challenge Akai Professional presents: The Ten-Minute Beat Challenge, where each participant gets ten minutes to make a beat from scratch on the latest Akai Pro hardware with all samples pre-loaded. In our annual beat competition Demolition delegates participate by dropping their demo in our demo box to hear what judges Leeroy Molly, Neenah and Tim Beumers have to say – the winner will be awarded with an MPC Live by Akai Professional. In Meet The Pro’s delegates get 1-on-1 feedback on their projects and plans from professionals.

With inspiring Q&A’s, networking sessions, master classes and panels, and the latest information on upcoming hip-hop markets, business opportunities and trends, ADE Beats 2018 is the place to be for a full update on the state of hip-hop, bass and beats worldwide.