Zwart Licht (NL)

Hayzee began to make in 2003 beats. In 2005 he became a member of the hip-hop band Diz Trikt, which consisted of Zacairo, DJ Game Ova, Frank Starr and Hayzee. The early group disbanded and the same year, together with FS Green Hayzee a cover version of The Black Album by Jay-Z. In 2008 Hayzee signed to Apple Tree Records. Akwasi began writing in 2001 but only in 2006 with rapping. He has worked for some time as a host on several spots. In November 2007 Hayzee and Akwasi decided to work together under the name Black Light. Shortly thereafter they asked rapper Leeroy's reinforcement for their live shows, and there were over 50 performances a year. Leeroy is a young rapper and was chosen by Jiggy Djé, TLM, Venz, Man! E Djef as thee jury's favorite at the ML75 Contest with his track Back-Up Condition Ready. Zwart Licht is known by the numbers Fair Play and What We're sorry for the GOAL soundtrack theater collective MC, which came out in 2008. In the same year Black Light was signed to the hip-hop label Top Notch, where they debuted with their album Thunderbolt.
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