Zombie Disco Squad (GB)

Zombie Disco Squad were raised from the dead in 2006. Starting out as DJs, their Zombie Disco Squad parties across east and west London quickly became the thing of legend. Meanwhile, residencies at the likes of Dalston-den Catch and Central-London playground The Social, a slew of internet based mix tapes and a track ‘Straight Boy’ given away for free clocking over 10,000 downloads meant that Zombie Disco Squad soon found themselves touring the world bringing their own version of haunted house to the masses. Things have changed since those days with Lucas Hunter recently departing the Zombies and leaving Nat Self as the last Zombie standing. Whilst the line up may have altered the philosophy has not; Nat’s sound is inspired by everything from classic house, ghetto tech, disco and hip hop. It’s this off-kilter approach to dance music that continues to see Nat in demand as a DJ, playing at the seediest rave dens to the biggest brightest clubs, including a residency at Berlin’s Watergate for ‘Made For The Night’, tours of Japan, North America, Australia, all over Europe, as well as back in his homeland of England. Past releases on labels like Jesse Rose’ Made To Play, Dirty Bird and Sound Pellegrino as well as remixes for big hitters such as Cashmere, Black Box and Groove Armada mean that Nat has proved his versatility and demonstrated his natural skill for reworking tracks. His forthcoming debut album ‘Brains’ on Made To Play (May 2012) is a case in point; an all-out assault on the senses that fully deserves it’s place in the spotlight as Made To Play’s only album release this year. The saying goes, if you want something done properly you better do it yourself, Zombie Disco Squad with Nat Self at the helm are heading for big things. In fact, you’d have to be six feet under to not hear the racket he will be making.
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