ZEN°, a DJ and an electronic music producer from China. He was majoring in Music Composition. Then he became a music presenter of a electronic music club named “The Club”. Having founded a music label named CREW. He was invited to the 2016 STORM Electronic Music Festival MainStage in ShangHai and 2016 eMIDI Electronic Music Festival. And also played with other international artists,such as Skrillex、Hardwell、Alesso、Afrojack、AC Slater、 OZZIE and so on. He is widely known for his perfect mixing and high energy sets. You can not only hear Dubstep and Trap,but also different styles like Bass house、Twerk、DnB、 Liquid funk and so on at his scene. ZEN°’s dynamic style and charismatic personality are as entertaining and captivating as any of the industry’s leading artists. His empressement and demeanour for making people dance is excite at every event. STAGEPERFORMANCES 2014 Strawberry Music Festival Electronic stage 2014 Coca Cola “Zombie Running” activity 2014 Five Hundred Music Festival Electronic stage 2015 KENZO Fashion SHOW DJ 2016 KENZO Fashion SHOW DJ 2016 GIVENCHY Fashion SHOW DJ 2016 GALAXY Electronic Music Festival 2016 TaiHu eMIDI Electronic Music Festival 2016 STORM Electronic Music Festival Main stage @Shanghai 2016 Five Hundred Music Festival Electronic stage The closing DJ 2016 New Year's performance @Modernsky Lab 2017 TUBORG MUSIC FESTIVAL - CREW Label Electronic stage 2017 “NIGHT BASS” party from LA. @Kunming
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