Zen (NL)

Zen was always charmed by electronic music. He enjoyed listening to synthesizer music, like JM Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, and space out. Somewhere in 1983 he heard first time Electronic Hip Hop music. Starting to collect records, like the famous Electro compilations, and start learn to mix with casettes and records. Visiting his first warehouse Acid House party in 1989 Zen immediately felt strong connection to the hypnotising music and the forthcoming lifestyle. Collecting the finest tunes and mixing day and night Zen developed very talented dj skills. His ability of mixing smoothly various styles in a perfect flow impressed friends and many party people. Soon he grabbed the attention of organizers and promoters and many bookings followed. On the dance floors he managed to create atmospheres of ecstasy and euphoria. A international crowd of lovely people grew around him. The music he played connected perfect to the parties on beaches of Goa. This is how Zen became dutch pioneer of Goa Trance. A new scene was born! Since that time Zen has been organizing many clubnigts and parties, like in the legendary Mazzo (ordeals in Sound) & Trance Buddha (Doors of Perception). Bringing over the most talentfull artists from all over the world. Having weekly gigs in Amsterdam Zen grabbed international attention. Gigs all around Europe and Israel followed. Sharing the stage with world’s famous artsts (Juno Reactor Astral Projection, KoxBox, X-Dream, Hallucinogen, GMS, Tristan, Ticon, Technosommy, Orion, Phoney Orphants, Beat Bizarre, Symphonix and so on). This way he inspired lots of people to play, enjoy and produce psytrance music. Besides all this he was involved in the 2 labels Adodisc and Third Mind records. Over all these years many different styles of dance music passed his hands. One style in particular kept his full and special attention: Progressive Trance. Since 2009 he became member of the Iono Music dj team. Since 2012 he’s involved in the new record label SourceCode Transmissions with his brothers in trance Zen Mechanics, dj Osh (Symbolic). Shangri La Events is his new project. Together with dj Z from Amsterdam he started to organise events in Club Lite Amsterdam. The first event was 2012 under the name Trancenday. The main focus is high quality colorfull events with high quality progressive trance music to reach a wide range of people. In his sets you can expect the unexpected! It's always full of surprises with a magical touch. From pumping, atmospheric Psy Trance to deep groovy Progressive Trance. Everytime Zen manages to create a beautiful flow of various atmospheres, grooves and hypnotizing beats. This all combined with smooth and perfect mixing qualities makes him a beloved and respected dj.
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