Sebastiaan Smink (NL)

Sebastiaan Smink (1989) is an Amsterdam based composer and sound designer. Sebastiaan started his music career back in 2005 when he started playing keyboard in an all instrumental psychedelic rockband. Soon after he started 'Loops' an electronic live minimal/tech-house act with his buddy Boris Acket. Boris and Sebastiaan released a couple of 12" EP's and toured the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium for several years. Loops even came in third during De Grote Prijs van Nederland 2009 in the category dance/producer. During their time as Loops, Boris and Sebastiaan both started working with Sebastiaan's highschool friend and director Jerom Fischer. The three started making their own videoclips, promo videos, trailers and after-movies. During the years that followed the three worked together on many videos for clients in the dance industry such as Extrama Outdoor, Welcome to the Future and DGTL. For these videos the three always came up with both the script as well as the music. Since then Sebastiaan has worked on many projects as music producer, composer and sound designer for clients in theatre, fashion, advertising, film, documentary, arts and online for clients such as M-Line, VPRO, Red Bull, Ziggo, de Parade, BNN-VARA, . Besides his work as composer and sound designer Sebastiaan works as freelance creative director and runs his own boutique creative studio Studio Smink.
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