Zareh Kan (HU)

Zareh Kan is not the type of DJ who wants to create forgettable, bland parties, where one can come and move around, because there is nothing else happening in town. He wants the people to feel better at his shows, and share a special connection with them. Early in his career the producer was a familiar face in minimal-party scene, but nowadays he is much more versatile in his taste of genres. Zareh Kan’s newest hits „Tinkara” and „Sofia” are popular on both YouTube and in the clubs. He is loved for his big heart and dynamic sets. Despite his very young age he has already performed at Hungary’s well known clubs and festivals, and he is also very familiar with stages of Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgary and Mexico. He gave his shows alongside huge names such as Boris Brejcha, Vini Vici, Headhunterz, Salvatore Ganacci, Will Sparks, Umek, Carlio Lio, Felix Kröcher, Torsten Kanzler, Pleasurekreaft, Marika Rossa.
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