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From the massive bass to great vocals, their music will take you to higher altitude. These two artists with established musical careers, with their distinctive styles, have created a unique sound. They converged around one idea, drawn on their previous experiences at the EDM scene, of making something they really like. Ivee worked as a techno music producer for over ten years, performing under the alias Ivee in the clubs and the biggest music festivals worldwide such as May Day Toxicator, Dance Valley, Qontinent, Apokalypsa, Street Parade, Exit Festival etc. Hard techno is the music which placed her out of anonymity and made her one of the most wanted acts on the scene. She has published under prestigious electronic music labels and her worldwide career lasted and improved over years. Attended the music school since the early age of six, and in due course graduated from the Music Academy as the violinist and pedagogue. Ivee continues with techno/club music vs classical music and that is exactly what you will recognize in every second of her performance – noisy encounter of opposites and the beauty of contrasts attracting each other. With growth and frequency of Ivee’s Live Acts, clubs around the world have become her home, and audiences and colleagues her family. Some of her 12 inch releases from 2002 to nowadays are: Crowbar rec Germany, Infliced rec Germany, Hostage rec Austria, Agrodizko rec Germany, Artillery rec Germany etc. DamjanEltech is musically educated piano player and affirmed producer/dj for many years. Audiences in Eastern Europe know him very well by great remake of Lasercraft, named Mama, which surpassed all expectations and hit amazing number of youtube views (almost 6 million people enjoyed this track and numbers are growing). Damjan is producing music ranging from tech house to minimal and techno, his dj sets are recognizable by combination of different styles which join up in one point - dance music. He is resident Dj at the Eastern Europe's biggest festival - Exit, and year by year he keeps the crowd interested in his music and performance.He had many releases, including the 12 inch, for various labels from Italy, Spain, Germany.
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