Zak Khutoretsky (US)

Speaker (DVS1 (Aslice))

DVS1’s status as one of the world’s most revered DJs and prominent voices in the preservation of true club culture is built upon an all-encompassing love of music, deep respect for his craft, and experiences in the ‘90s midwest rave scene. His sets, powerful and high-energy affairs, honor these roots while evidencing a versatility, sensitivity, and understanding for making people dance that comes only with years of commitment in pushing the boundaries of sound at the most renowned clubbing institutions, among them Berghain/Panorama Bar, where he’s one of few residents capable of working both floors. Whether he’s spinning a rare house set or racing, straight techno to pitch black rooms, the DVS1 experience is unforgettable.

DVS1 now divides all of his time between Minneapolis and Europe; wherein lies the Berlin-based project MONOM, a studio space he co-founded and with one of only two 4DSOUND setups, the world’s most advanced spatial sound instrument. His remaining hours are spent touring, purveying his favorite records and secret weapons, several of which have later appeared on Mistress Recordings, a HUSH sub-label for other artists that allows for a broader spectrum of aesthetics and reflects his wide-ranging musical tastes. Whether it’s label management, DJing, or producing, DVS1 is an artist who stays true to his past without ever losing sight of the future.

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