Zaccaria Malak (FR)

Moving from the piano to the turntables, his genuine talent and his style have brought him in a lot of important dj-booth between the UK, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, becoming also, in 2017, one of the dj resident of the party Memento Xs run by Idriss D and Db Artists at Macarena Club in Barcelona, one of the best micro club in the world. As a music producer, he attended the academy “Audio Engine Music” where he learned the techniques of composition through modern software and his training continues at the “London School of Sound” where he acquired the art of mixing and mastering. His music studio over the years, gets populated by a lot of analog machines with which ones he express his creativity and concept of sound. His productions released on labels like Moan, Little Helpers (and more) are now supported by the leading exponents of the music electronic industry.
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